Rainbow Terra

The clean conscience wood shelter.
Use it. Leave it.

  • Using PEFC/FSC wood to protect woods.
  • Biodegradable in soil, freshwater and the oceans.
  • Certified soil biodegradable by TUV,
    according to strict ISO standards.
  • Class leading light transmission.
  • Committed to carbon neutrality by 2025.


Tree planting is not about how many trees are planted, it is about how many trees survive. Tree shelters are essential to ensure better establishment and higher survival rates of trees. Rainbow has developed a full range of 100% plant-based alternative products, which include vole guards, spiral, and tree shelters. The Rainbow Terra is a natural and biodegradable solution for the protection of newly-planted trees and vines. The only soil-certified shelter on the market that is safe for soil, but also for marine and freshwater environments making it the perfect protection choice for woodland, vineyard, and riparian restoration to be left in situ. Producing in a carbon-neutral way is a key sustainability objective for all Rainbow's products and while our raw materials are already from renewable plant-based resources we aim to be fully carbon-neutral by 2025 for our Rainbow Terra.

Case for change

100% plastic-free, carbon neutral and biodegradable

Biodiversity dropped by 70% since 1970 (WWF). With significant tree planting required to restore our woodlands & biodiversity, protecting trees against wildlife and browsing is essential to ensure trees aren’t just planted, but also survive. A tree shelter should contribute to biodiversity, not harm it. 

2X improved efficiency of the workforce by removing the need for collection

Our tree-planting workforce is increasingly scarce and their time is best spent doing what they do best - planting trees, not removing old tree guards. This calls for a clean conscience "use it. leave it." tree shelter. 

The only tree guard certified in line with ISO & government guidelines

Driven by public opinion, governments are banning plastics that can harm our forests and aquatic life. We believe that claims about safe biodegradation in soil without adverse effects on the environment need to be backed by certifications that are recognized by governments and done in line with relevant ISO guidelines. 


How we are solving the problems

Rainbow Terra is a truly circular solution – wood protects wood – committed to carbon neutrality by 2025

The ingredients are UK wood and a plant-based and biodegradable resin from Northern Europe. Terra contributes to the environment instead of damaging it. We are aiming to achieve carbon neutrality for Terra by 2025 and are working together with our raw materials suppliers to achieve this ambitious goal.

Rainbow Terra biodegrades in any environment

Use it. Leave it. The Terra will biodegrade in any end-of-life environment – compost, soil, freshwater, and the oceans. By eliminating the need for collection, you free up time, labour and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a tree shelter. Ask for our TCO calculations!

Rainbow Terra is certified in line with government guidelines on plastics

As you are an environmentally friendly company, you will bring biodegradable products to the market. However, how do you gain credibility when there are so many players, both reliable and unreliable? TUV has developed a soil biodegradability standard recognized by governments and major organizations worldwide and in line with relevant ISO standards. We don’t mess around - we follow it. Your image and that of your clients are key. Ask for our certificate number and logo!
Years of manufacturing experience.
Years using 100% recycled materials Million new trees are protected by Rainbow materials every year.
Years of plantbased and biodegradable products.

Made from plants

Biodegradable in soil

ISO certified

ISO certified

ISO certified

Carbon neutral



100% Soil, Freshwater and Marine BiodegradableThe product is certified to biodegrade in soil, within 2 years and also will degrade in freshwater and marine environments, taking away any concerns relating to the "plastic soup". In this way, the Terra will biodegrade in any end of life environment it may end up in.

100% biobasedThe Rainbow Terra is made entirely from wood and plant based material.

100% non-toxicThe Rainbow Terra has been tested to be 100% non-toxic.

Optimum lifespan and light transmissionThe Rainbow Terra outperforms alternative bio options in terms of tensile strength after 3 years and is estimated to offer protection for an average of 5 years. The Rainbow Terra is more light tranmissable than a conventional shelter and retains 90% of its light transmission after 3 years, bringing it on par with a conventional shelter. We have done standardized testing following ASTM D1003 (procedure b) and shown it has significantly better light transmission than alternative bio products.


"We use many tree shelters to establish woodlands and it’s only now that we have faced up to the issue regarding redundant and polluting plastic tree guards.  To be able to buy a wood-based degradable shelter certified to break down on site is a positive step forward."

ContractorContractorNorthwest of England

It is encouraging to see that Terra is utilising UK-sourced softwood fiber within the shelter, which helps the forest industry and is a great use for sawmill residue.

Andrew HealdAndrew HealdSustainable Forestry Consultant



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